Bisbee and Beatles and Business as Usual

The Pastor at my church got locked out of the church on Sunday. Fortunately, I always sit near the back so I got to see all of this play out. It was right after his sermon, quite a good sermon for that matter, and he went into the Pastor Room at the very back of the church. He goes into the room to regroup or pray or eat a quick snack (That’s what I would do).. whatever he does in there.. and the pianist began a lovely tune to serenade the congregation. After a few minutes, I heard the door begin to rattle. After about 15 seconds, the handle began to shake violently and those of us near to door tried to inconspicuously turn around. About 10 seconds later we heard something large hitting against the door, the frame starting to shake, and a determined grunting sound emerging from the room.

Now pretty much everybody is staring at the back door, but the Bystander Effect held true, and nobody thought to help the poor man. There was silence for about 5 seconds, in which he must have been getting ready for a running start to hit the door, and BOOOOOM!! He comes barreling through, with enough momentum to smash a linebacker, the whole while laughing and guffawing. Nobody really knew how to react so they were respectfully quiet, except me. I was howling like a monkey.. it was one of the funnier things I have ever seen. A Pastor getting locked out of his church.. the irony!! So there was the Pastor and Maggie.. enjoying a nice laugh at his expense. Was it the best reaction? Ummm, no probably not. But did they still invite me to the Potluck afterwards? Absolutely.

Enough is enough. I am running out of fingers to count how many times I have had a flat tire in the two months or so that I have been down here. Back in Idaho, it was a very rare occurence to have a flat tire but here.. I just wonder WHEN it will happen on the ride, not IF it will happen. This limits me to riding only as far as I can walk if I have to. And in this heat and elevation.. I am confined to about a 12 yard radius. Just kidding, but it is seriously concerning not knowing when you are going to go flat because water conservation and roasting to death is definitely an issue. So I decided to take a little trip over to good old Bisbee (Pirate Day? Lesbian Screamo Band? Plastic Bags are outlawed? Ringing any bells?) and see if there were any Bike shops to be found.

While researching it online, I found two. The first was called “Bisbee Bicycle Brothel” and the second “The Bicycle Company of Bisbee”. Fortunately, my decision on which one to go to was made for me because the Brothel of Bikes was out of business.. shocking, right? I walked into the shop and a 50 or so year old man with exceptionally bare and tan feet and an on point Hawaiian shirt greeted me and asked if he could help. I told him that he had impeccably tanned feet (no I didn’t) and that I could not bike for more than 2 miles without going pancake flat on at least one tire. He took off my tubes and proceeded to pull out what looked like an epidural needle from the front tire. It was a massive cactus thorn. Well that sure explained a lot! I then asked him to make them impenetrable and he said he would do his darndest. We then had a nice conversation about the history of Bisbee and all of the mining and gambling and prostitution that made the town into the little gem it is today. He also told me and showed me on a map all of the hiking and camping and adventuring places in Cochise County so I am thuper excited about that!! So if everything goes according to plan, there will not be any more flat tire stories! Yay! Whoo! (My tires weigh about 87lbs each now.. but I will take it, gladly)

Aaaannnndddd now it is time for A.F.T.I.H.L.O.T.P.W.O.S!!!

(A Few Things I Have Learned Over the Past Week or So)

Praying Mantis’s (Manti? Mantisss? Mantusii?) actually look like they are praying! And are as long as a person’s hand! And creep up on you when you are just trying to rest against a wall and then for a split second peer deep into your soul and you think that they are going to murder you in cold blood but then you remember that you are 700 times as big as it is and your heart resumes its beating.. I’m sorry, I had a moment.

Agua Prieta, the town that is directly across from Douglas on the Mexican side, is not a dirty and terrible place.. it, in the main parts at least, is exactly like Douglas! There are restaurants and parks and everybody still speaks Spanish. I have a friend who goes over there frequently, so I have tagged along the last few times and got to see her play in a soccer game, got my nails done very nicely for under ten dollars, had very broken conversations with my very broken Spanish, and ate a Mexican Hot Dog (or 2.. or 3..)

Mexican Hot Dogs are the best things on earth. Imagine a hot dog.. but good meat.. in a warm, fluffy bun that is kind of shaped like a pita.. topped with beans, onions, jalapenos, and a delicious mystery sauce.. wrapped in bacon. And if that doesn’t sound good, which it originally didn’t to me either, just come on down and try one. They. Are. So. Good. Especially washed down with Horchata and followed by Churros.. Ohmygoodness my life has been made complete.

At Arizona Diamondback games, instead of the vendors yelling the usual “Ice Cold Bottle of Beer, Water and Coke right HHHEERRRREE!!” they yell something along the lines of “Cotton candy, cracker jacks.. HOOORRRCCHHHAATTTAA!!” Which doesn’t really flow out of their tongues quite as well as the more standard sales pitches, but man does that Mexican milk-ish drink sell like the dickens in these parts.

When somebody informs you that there will be the outskirts of a hurricane coming through the next day and that there is potential for 12 inches of rain overnight.. believe them. And roll up your pants and hoard some extra burritos from the cafeteria for emergencies.

Always eat a salad in the cafeteria. Unless there is a dead fly floating in the salad dressing. If there is a dead fly, skip the ruffage for that day. Upon further thought, if there is not a fly floating in the dressing, skip it anyway because that means it (and its friends) sank to the bottom. After even more thought, don’t ever eat the salad. Ever.

Be careful driving around at night with the windows down because skunks like to hang out around stop signs. And bugs like to throw themselves into Todd from the streets if given the opportunity.

There was a Beatles group that came to our campus last night to put on a concert. Can you think of something that fits together less than Douglas, Mexico and the Beatles? I can’t either, but my goodness I love the Beatles so I did not care one iota about the absurdity of it. I went with AJ and he is not really all that much of a Beatles fan, but he was a good sport all the way up until they played Yellow Submarine. Around the 15th time the chorus was sung, he had about enough. (In is defense, they did sing the same 3 lines a mildly obnoxious amount of times)

Ringo: “We all live in a yellow submarine!”

AJ: “A WHAT?!” (Yelling.. literally yelling)

Ringo: “A yellow submarine!”

AJ: “OH!” (We were starting to get looks)

Ringo: “A yellow submarine!”

AJ: “I GOT IT!!!!!” (*sigh*)

Anyway. My mom told me about a time when I was much younger, my mom, dad, and I went to a faux Beatles concert and I started rocking and head banging so hard that they had to move to the back of the concert to give me some more room to maneuver. Looking back, I figure I went so hard because Paul and I shared the same haircut (I had a bowl cut until I was about 16) and I must have assumed I was catching a glimpse of my future up there on stage. While I didn’t need to be removed this time, I still loved every second of it.

My Flight Instructor’s wife just had a baby so he has been gone for a little over a week so I have been doing every type of approach imaginable in the RedBird Sim.. which has been very helpful actually, but I am ready to start flying again. Everything is coming together, I think, and I still really like Instrument flying. If everything goes according to plan, I will be an Instrument Rated Pilot by December!

This weekend looks to be an interesting one.. the forecast is calling for a Mexican Baby Shower and a County Fair. I am guessing it will be one for the books.. I will report after!

Thank you all for reading and, as usual, post any comments or questions because I would love to hear from all of you 🙂




Just Another Empty Nester

Today was laundry day.

Well, today was the day my laundry got done. Laundry day should have been about three days ago.. but I digress. This should not be a blog worthy story. It should have been a simple, mundane task that took about an hour. But no.

Upon waking up today and deciding it was time to get dressed and welcome the morning, I came to a rather stark realization. I had nothing to wear. Nothing. Usually I have a few pairs of shorts to spare or a shirt or two but (aside from a few dresses and winter jackets.. not sure why I packed the latter when it typically doesn’t get below 65) I had nothing clean but the pajamas I had on. I looked down to see what I was wearing, was not all that impressed, but needed to get to the laundry room so I made a judgement call and began to gather the soap and necessary washing items. As I was doing so, I caught a full length glimpse of myself in the mirror and froze in shock and mild horror. During my previous scan of my outfit, I must have had my eyes closed. I looked a fright. I had on Hobbit Pants (think Lord of the Rings.. moss green felt.. 48 sizes too big), an oversized Larry Bird collectors shirt (#TeamLarryForLife #ThanksDad), and my hair in a bun directly on top of my head.

But my laundry needed to get done.

I opened the door to my room.. made sure there was not a soul in sight.. and ran as fast as I could the 100 yards to the Laundry Room, high stepping over the bug carcasses, while carrying a bag full of clothes that would have rivaled the Grinch’s bag of stolen Christmas Gifts (I watched that movie the other day.. what a classic). Phew. I made it unseen. I threw all of my clothes into one washer, colors and whites be damned, and ran back to my door. I could hardly believe my luck! Not a single person saw me in my Hobbitish glory!

Aaaaand my door was locked.

As I checked my pockets for the 14th time.. I came to the realization that in my haste to run to the Laundry Room, I had left my keys in my dorm. But being the level headed and quick thinker that I am, I decided I had two options. The first was to hide in the communal bathroom for the next 4 months until the semester was over and everybody had left, and the second was to march my little self across campus to Central Housing and get an RA to come unlock my door. After about 10 minutes of listing the pros and cons of both .. sure death by starvation or eternal humiliation were the key contenders.. I decided to go get the key. I also decided that if I looked like I was fine with what I was wearing, then everybody else would not look twice. Fake it till you make it baby! And fake it I did. Twenty minutes and 52 strange looks later, I was safe in my room.. key in hand.. pride only slightly damaged.

These last couple of weeks have been busy ones. All of my flying is starting to become very complex and mentally draining which has led to a significant amount of sleeping and studying, in that order. I shot my first approach a while back and am now about to start ILS approaches as well as ATC Communication (Booo radios!!) to start tying things together. I am still enjoying it and am still having fun although I wouldn’t mind doing an aileron roll or a loop every now and then.

I wore a sweatshirt last night and it was 78 degrees. I am becoming a disgrace to North Idaho. Please forgive me.

Some friends and I were cruising around Douglas one night, trying to find an elusive frozen yogurt shop that I had driven by once but been unable to find again, and we came upon a movie theater. Yes, an honest to goodness movie theater! I haven’t been that excited since I found out that we were having pumpkin cobbler instead of pudding for dessert the previous night! Up until our discovery, we had been driving 45 minutes to the nearest city to go to movies every once and awhile. Albeit, this theater only shows two different movies for a week or so and they aren’t exactly new releases and the times are really all that convenient and there is a perpetual firework on the right side of the screen because the projector is 72 years old but hells bells!! It’s something to do! And on Wednesdays and Thursdays it is only $5 for two people!! Wahooo!! We go hard in Douglas.

On another note, my birds are gone. I knew the day would come, I knew that they had to grow up and literally spread their wings, but I never imagined it would be so hard to emotionally let them go. And I am being one hundred and fifty percent honest when I say that I love my little birds. And that the day I woke up and went to say ‘good morning’ to them, and they were gone.. was easily the worst day I have had down here. I actually almost cried. I know it is irrational and to a very real degree, ridiculous, but they were born around the time I moved down here, and seeing their cute little faces every morning was a constant that I looked forward to and took for granted. One day, two of the four were gone and the next day there was only one. And the following day.. my little nest was completely empty. As mentioned, that was a rough day. I actually called my parents and told them how sad I was, and my daddy mentioned something about that was how he and my momma felt about me leaving .. and that was about the most depressingly beautiful thing I have ever heard. I found it in my heart to try and let them go, but there were four tiny holes where my babies used to be.

But the next day.. there they were! Sitting, waiting for me in the morning again! Fully grown, beautful as ever, except now they could fly. They could fly, but they still came back to me. And maybe that is how life is. You grow up, just enough to be able to be on your own and fly away for a little bit, but then you come back home. Not forever, and maybe not very often, but you know where your heart is because that is where your family is and then for a little bit, everything is okay in the world again and life is as sweet as ever.

If you all thought I was a Crazy Bird Lady before that last paragraph, I shudder to think what you think of me now!

I miss you all and will be better at trying to keep this a weekly Blog.

I would love to hear from you all and if you have any questions or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to comment below or to e-mail me (

Maybe it is because it’s late, or maybe it is because I am in a sentimental mood, but I would just like to thank all of you, my family in particular, for creating such a beautifully supportive and loving nest for me to come home to. I love each and every one of you and am so blessed to have you in my life.





P.S. I would like to give a shout out to the coolest, funniest, sassiest, most beautiful sister and best friend in the entire world.. GRACE KIRSCHER .. for turning 15 on the 11th. I love you Grace, more than you will ever know. 


IMG_1842 (1) IMG_1886 IMG_1899IMG_1893


Above are Todd and I, cruising down some Arizonian Highway, a line of my birds and their friends after they flew away, my last bird to leave the nest, and a happy picture of me. I will try to be better about taking pictures of myself and my activities and my friends.. I just never have a camera on me!

Goodbye for now 🙂