Chocolate Chip <3



I believe that all blogs should start with alpacas.

Throughout my brief, yet passionate, love affair with these strange, strange fiery balls of fiber, I have come to decide that they are perhaps the most unique and incredible animal ever to roam this earth. They know who they are, they are proud of who they are, and they know who love them, and in their way, reciprocate that love on beautiful levels. They do not fight unless provoked, they do not hold grudges, and they form life long and steadfast relationships. I believe that the human race could benefit immensely from taking a lesson or two from these stoic creatures.

The alpaca pictured above is Chocolate Chip. Due to a birth defect, half of her face is paralyzed and she is a bit off her proverbial rocker. However, she is by far my favorite. She is the most inquisitive of the herd, the first to make new acquaintances, the self designated feed bowl stacker, and one of the rare creations on this earth that can make me truly happy regardless of circumstance.

Oh, to see the world through the eyes of a Special Ed Alpaca.